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Apr. 2nd, 2010

(no subject)

Jan. 26th, 2010

.aloha 2010

 Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010. 

Albeit a little late. 

2009 was...an interesting year. Uni was better than expected. I like my friends there a lot. I enjoy what I do outside of uni. It's a little bit weird that I'm now okay friends with a girl I hardly ever talked to back in high school but I guess these things happen. It's also a little bit weird that a guy is one of my closest friends at uni as well. My other close uni friend is sorta like me (but she is waaaay cooler) and we get along just fine. We have great conspiracy in teasing the guy.  

I guess the main thing I have to moan about for the past year is... well, living together with the Housemate. It is true that sometimes, despite being friends - close or otherwise - living together is an entirely different matter. I found that out the hard way, and my parents are rubbing it in my face daily in the oh-I-told-you-so-that-she-was-a-bitch manner (not that she is a bitch, but that idea, they call her crazy and all that jazz about her attitude -- oh please, she's a teenager and she's... well, Gary). I found out, through her, how much of a hypocrite I am and even knowing that, and all my flaws, I can't really help but continue to whine at her. I'm sorry that it wasn't a better year for us in terms of living arrangements but she didn't really try and I can't apologise for that. I did try, I did nag at her much to my despair, but I can't really do more than that. She wasn't prepared to meet me halfway so now that it comes to 2010, I'm glad I asked her to move out. Even towards the end of Semester One, it was just becoming 'convenient' to live with her, because we shared the same friends so we could have these awesome little bashes at the Unit, and in part, because she was so preoccupied with the Boyfriend (now the Ex, so I'll just say the Russian from now on) that she was not home often. That was good. And she didn't ask about what I did so I did get that lovely sense of privacy. I just kill myself each time because I'm too bloody scared to tell her to do stuff because she's my friend.

Now that it is 2010, I guess the main thing I'm going to try and do is not be so bloody pedantic about everything (I think I've broken this already since I've been nagging at my Chinese lecturers/convenors about my timetable), be less hypocritical, less self-centred and just a nicer person in general. I'm also going to try and get a job >< and work my butt off throughout the year so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time watching dramas, reading trashy romance despite all my great love for them. I think I'll limit it to just a few books a week and ... a series every so often with the occasional anime thrown in... 

LOL - who am I kidding!!!?

Bonnie without dramas and books is not a Bonnie at all!!!

Jan. 4th, 2010


Vampires are soooo last season.

What's in? Angels, and fallen ones at that!

Aside from the usual FP stories and trashy romance novels that I have stashed under my bed, I'm rather entranced with the notion of fallen angels. All because of Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush and Lauren Kate's Fallen (they have very pretty covers, I'm quite enamoured by the guy on Hush, Hush's cover). Both are YA. I'm sure, if I can be bothered later, I'll ummm, review them. They're not the first fallen angels romance fics I've read (from memory, it was Kim Wilkins (?) who wrote a gorgeous book on these creatures) but I think it's time for vampires to shove over and let these angels take over a bit.

Of course, neither of them are really, really good but there's potential to work here. Both Fitzpatrick and Kate haven't really gotten past the mold of 'oh-should-Iove-him-or-should-I-not'. I think I enjoyed Fallen more though; at least, it seemed to be a bit better thought out. They are both romance books and in Hush, Hush, I don't quite get the impression that the main dude likes her aside from a healthy dose of teenage lust (I'm sorry!). Nevertheless, it's pretty enjoyable and I'm looking to the sequel for Fallen. 

BUT, of more notable interest: Jennifer Fallon's Tide Lords Quartet. It was good. Really good. Not as good as Second Sons, but I absolutely adored that. I think she's my new favourite fantasy author. I'm still trying to get my hands on the Wolfblade series but it sounds pretty impressive. I might reread Demon Child trilogy again. I'll definitely do a longer review on Tide Lords as a trilogy. There were a few things that irked me (like... the ending, quite majorly) but other than that, I think I loved it.

Now, I'm looking forward to reading Traci Harding's Mystique Trilogy. I liked her other series but her characters seemed a little too perfect (but I haven't read them recently so I'll see). Hopefully, this will be good.

Now, in the more.. paranormal romance side, of the adult kind: Devon Monk's Allie Beckstrom books. They were enjoyable. No vampires, as such, and more to do with magic-magic so that was entertaining and I know I'm definitely looking forward to the next book when it comes out ... in May, I think. Jennifer Armintrout's Blood Ties Quartet was great. I read the first book ages again, and just picked it up a week at the library, thinking I hadn't read it before. Turns out I had and it was now complete, so I read the rest (quite an interesting MxM sex scene in the last book... pretty much the only substantial sex scene, in fact, as the main character was getting thrown around and psychologically tortured most of the time instead). Good ending, regardless.

And that's about it.


Dec. 28th, 2009

(no subject)

Today, tonight, I found out that the son of one of the women I used to work with had died, quite unexpectedly and pretty much on his birthday, maybe one or two months ago. I was only told that after someone told me about his son. I didn't know him well but I did know him.

Would it be terribly embarrassing if I admit I almost cried?

He was only eighteen, maybe not even. Part of the shock, first of which, I admit came from the fact that he had a son since I didn't realise he'd died until after. And then afterwards, the fact that we're so close in age, that he's dead, that his son will never know his dad (he was born not long ago, I think). In a way, I think it's a blessing that his mum and his sisters and his girlfriend still have a piece of him alive, even though he's gone. But at the same time, as my mum says, I feel so sorry for the kid. Not that he's going to grow up lacking love (the girl his definitely young enough and I'm sure she'll find someone again) and he will be smothered in love from his grandma (great lady!) but yeah.

Apparently, he was down in Sydney celebrating his birthday with his dad, when he suddenly collapsed. All his life, he's been having seizures and last I'd heard of him, he'd had an operation on his brain. But this was maybe, two, three years ago. And to suddenly here about him again like this... unexpected.

R.I.P. Kyle.

Oct. 27th, 2009

.random thoughts

1. Dubbo in... 8 hours. Should sleep sometime soon except...

2. OMG . I should stop reading incomplete fantasy series ^ ^;; I knew that I was going to be caught in a cliffhanger especially since I was reading stuff from Fiona McIntosh. No, no, no, no. I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep now since I'm going to be making up all the possible ways the plot could go. And that was because I just finished REreading the first book in order to read the second book. Which came out about a month ago. So that means... like... 8 more months to a year for the third and last book. I already skimmed the second book (and spoiled myself) because I was impatient. Save me now. Please. (What, what? GAV IS BACK ! And we finally get more on Corb...)

3. Is going to try and not force my opinions/beliefs/expectations on people, or judge others under them. Just because I don't like one thing doesn't mean that they can't and can't do it (ie. the classic example, even if I don't like CK's drinking and smoking, she is still the closest person to me in the entire world... and that includes parents. She makes the choices she does, as long as she doesn't regret it, I'm not going to question anything). I am also going to try and not question why people do certain things because honestly or make judgments over group situations because of my personal preferences (whooops already on that haha).

4. Is going to shut up now and try and get some sleep ==;;

Signing off now, cheers!


Oct. 26th, 2009


Haha, my major accomplishment of the day --- HJSPLIT DOWNLOAD COMPLETE FILE MANIPULATION o.O

What does that mean?

Okay, it started with me going into uni to meet Madam (and trying to make a bet about when Ounce would hook up with the girl he likes lol) but anyway, I decided to stay at uni for a bit.

But moving on, so I was dling glee s01e08 and it was coming along absolutely suckily. So I restarted it. This time it went along so smoothly that I was ecstatic. Until (yes, there's always an until) it suddenly stopped at around 99% and I could restart the download (it was the beginning few kbs that were missing so I couldn't even use gom player to play a corrupt or broken file... kill me now). So I decided to try dling all 350mb of it again. And this time, it was going along quite well until it suddenly stopped at around 176mb, just over halfway. And I was like kill me now.

Until I remembered I had a nifty, little tool called HJSPLIT (I love you, I love you, I love you!). Here is how I how made my day:
1. Let's call the first failed file (the almost-350mb file) glee(1) and the second one (the 176mb one) glee(2).
2. Using the Split function of HJSPLIT, split glee(1) into 2 x 175mb (.001 and .002) and 1 x 17.4kb (.003, the original file was just over 350mb).
3. Using the Split function of HJSPLIT again, split glee(2) into 1 x 175mb (.001) and 1 x 1mb file (.002)
4. Since the first 175mb of glee(1) was incomplete, and the second half of glee(2) didn't finish, I decided to use the HJSPLIT Join function to join them. I deleted glee(1).001, and renamed glee(2).001 --> glee(1).001 and then joined the new glee(1).001 and glee(1).002 and glee(1).003 to get a nice, spanking new file! Which is complete! And plays!

I'm so in love with HJSPLIT atm. It does wonders.

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.bbq + hot pot

Since my last entry just ... didn't post and I'm seriously too tired to retype it all in detail... here's the rundown

1. Saturday: APH Meetup
- was about one hour late due to various things, ie. waking up late, shower, GG, food, couldn't find animeUNSW card
- pretty interesting and fun
- Kiku + Wan-Chan's shots (incl. Teddy + Win's incest XP LOL )
- the thing with fan club meetups like this is that, even if they don't try to be, it is exclusive. Regardless of how friendly the people there were (I find that with fan clubs, they can either be really open and friendly or closed and judgmental), and they were really, really friendly, I couldn't help but feel that it was exclusive; I like APH but I can't sing character songs, I can't name all the distinctive character features etc... it often happens when Teddy + Win talk like that to me as if I understand everything they're saying (gomen ne, it is interesting... it's just that it's not likely going to stick since I don't understand and quite often, you tell me stuff as if I do)

2. Saturday: animeUNSW dinner
- was LOUD so, so loud - one girl particularly
- we didn't know anyone so it was quite ahhh...
- Black Lagoon --> city --> ask the Roommate's BF --> 'something happy' --> o.O --> R-ejoice (we knew it was sth starting with R-) --> correct answer: Roanapur or sth like that... --> o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O
- KFC krushers with Ranter and Win --> twas good

3. Sunday: Hot pot with Chinese group
- probably the event I enjoyed the most out of all three
- Ounce, Madam + BF, Knell + 2 friends; two people couldn't make it ><
- went there at 6.30-6.45 and left at around 9pm
- too much food
- conversation was good! It flowed pretty well and I dunno, maybe I find these situations easier to interact with others in (like, outside my close group of friends), you know, like strangers
- went to K afterwards with Madam + bf, Ounce and Knell
- probably one of my better K experiences, just because when I go with boarders, they usually sing Canto and while I know a few, I don't know as much as them so I get bored and fall asleep haha. And they usually sing songs from female singers and that's often higher than what I can comfortably sing. As for when I'm with Teddy + Win etc, while I can do heaps of crazy stuff, I don't sing much since they sing quite a bit of Japanese/anime songs and unless I have lyrics with me... nuh uh... it tends to be a bit of an oligopoly over songs. Not that I'm really bored, just that it's a bit less passive... participation. Whereas last night, it was good because we had a mixture of Mando, English and Canto songs, most of which I could sing (even the Mando + Canto ones!) and we made an active effort to ensure that most of us sang at least once every 3 songs so that was really good. We picked out a list of songs, and then we'd just 'chime' them in to rotate everyone. Twas fun and good. And I got to sing Barbie Girl (albeit with Ounce... creepy ><) and a Backstreet Boys haha! Ounce picked it for me lol.
- we finished at a bit around after 12, so Knell gave me a lift home which was good, since it was raining like crazy.

And that's it!

Dubbo on Tuesday XP XP XP



Oct. 16th, 2009


Any feelings of relaxation and relief promptly disappeared when I heard the Roommate's voice. I know, I know, that's kind of really depressing. But if it helps, I was sleeping when I got woken up to hear it... and she was... being shrill and unreasonable and just plain... her. So I could say I'm being a little bit unfair to her but ... then her and the BF were having an argument (which I didn't listen to coz I was too drowsy and then when I did awake, I turned up my music) so yeah, the good mood I got from two nights spent chilling at CK was naught.

At least I'm going back to CK's tomorrow. Otherwise, I don't think I could stand being in such a stifling and awkward atmosphere.

I'm wondering if I could live at CK's. Last night was just... woah! Visitors. At one point, there were five guys and three girls (the two of us included) at her apartment. I only knew... well, I only knew the two girls. I'd met one of the guys previously but everyone else was new. And they were all the type of Asians you see loitering around Chinatown in little gangs, little very... gangster. Smoking, drinking etc. There was definitely a lot of that going on too... everyone was lighting up (I swear, am I the only one there that doesn't smoke?? Seriously, yes) and a few of them were just doing tequila shots.


Anyway, I relegated myself to the table in the dining area and tried to do my journal. In between talking with some of them, getting harassed by CK and cooking and basically... making sure that they weren't idiots.

I'm so tired.

And today's (yesterday's) Oktoberfest didn't help ==;; Was helping move tables and chairs this morning. Oh my shoulders kill >< And I sorta... dropped a table on my toe. Ooops.

Off to do some Chinese stuff now.

Oct. 11th, 2009

.she's coming to sydney

Is excited. My other best friend - I mentioned one in a post a few months back - from childhood, the one that went to the UK, is coming to AUSTRALIA! On the 12th November. I'm so excited and also, a little bit nervous and apprehensive.

I know we've both changed so much so I'm definitely nervous about what we'll think of each other. But I really can't wait. Lol, I want to make plans! 



Oct. 7th, 2009

(no subject)

And this where I continue to say: I am still pissed off.

Okay, this is on a different subject but either way, I'm in a majorly peeved and bitchy mood. So kill me. It's accumulated from a few different things (things that built up the bad mood) but most of its directed at one person.

Who I'm glad doesn't read my LJ.

Sometimes I seriously can't stand this person. I don't know why - because I swear some of the things that piss me off about her are things that I do as well. But anyway, the thing that really annoys the hell out of me is that person's identity crisis. Can't they get a frickin' life and stop trying to be someone else? Okay, I get that life wasn't exactly wooooo before and maybe now it's better, but geez, when trying to change yourself, don't change into someone else. Especially someone else already out there. Don't fucking try and imitate almost everything about someone else - don't fucking bandwagon.

Excuse the language.

If you can't tell by now, I am pissed off.

So, I'm probably being a hypocrite and that I'm probably the same but gah! I don't know. This person gets on my nerves half the time I interact with them (if that person isn't doing something that irritates me, they're writing it, or they're texting it, or they're... saying it). And sometimes it's just the smallest actions that get to me. I really don't know why.

A message to that person: don't try so hard. It makes you look desperate and pretentious. So you don't read my LJ, that's great. I'd rather you didn't. But I just needed to get this out.

It really don't impress me much.

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